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Who is Eligible for Housing?


In order to qualify for housing with Timmins Native NP Housing Corp you must meet the following criteria:


  • At least 50% of all family members occupying a unit must be of Native ancestry. Proof is required

  • Families must contain at least one dependent child and consist of either couples both of whom must be aged 18 years or more or single parent aged 18 years or more. A dependent child is a person under 18 years of age. Those attending learning institutions on a full time basis and living at home are considered dependents, even if they over 18 years of age. A person who is the child of the applicant and who, while over 18 years of age, is considered dependent due to some medically documented disability will be considered a dependent child for the purposes of this program. (Definition of full time Attendance in school will be as follows: A student carrying the equivalent of three or more courses in a term is a full time student. A student carrying less than the equivalent of three courses in a term is a part time student). Single parents must have, at minimum, shared custody of any child/children residing (50% of the time) with them (proof required). This criteria must be met throughout your entire tenancy.

  • Meet the Housing Suitability and the National Occupancy Standards developed by CMHC at all times

  • All applicants must meet CMHC income guidelines

  • All applicants must have an address in Timmins and have been a resident of Timmins for the previous six months

  • Applicants who have outstanding arrears with Timmins Native NP Housing Corp.,  any other social housing provider and/or past landlord, will not be accepted unless the outstanding arrears are paid in full.

  • Applicants who are currently residing with another social housing provider will not be accepted. They would be welcome to re-apply if their housing situation changes.

The Landlord reserves the right to do reference checks with your previous landlords as well as a credit check. This includes permission to run credit check reports and obtain all the information necessary to complete the application for service requested and continued services.


If and once you are granted a unit with Timmins Native NP Housing Corp. the criteria above must still be followed in order to remain qualified for a unit. Should you fail to meet any one of these criteria’s while you are a tenant with TNNPHC, you can be evicted for no longer qualifying for housing



Priority Housing and Waiting List

Please note that Timmins Native NP Housing Corp. does not have any housing deemed as emergency housing. Our operating agreements with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation do not provide funding for units to be set aside for this type of housing. We therefore can't keep any of our homes set aside strictly for emergency use.
All eligible applicants for housing are registered on our data base. Applicants are contacted at the addresses and/or phone numbers that they provide on their application . It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide us with any changes or updates to their applications. Applicants are served according to their date of application. We do not "bump" any applicant to the front of the waiting list.
Also, it is policy set out by the Board of Directors that nobody is to be informed of where they are on the waiting list. The average waiting time for a 3 bedroom units is 1 - 1 1/2 years and for the 2-4 bedrooms, 4-5 years. Please note that this is an average, which means that it could be a shorter or longer waiting time period. Never can an accurate waiting time be given.



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